Company History

1948Started tugboat business in Kitakyushu city, with towing service as a main business.
1967Founded Dokai Tugboat Ltd. Ichiro Imada assumed the presidency.
1971Absorbed Hoyo Sempaku Ltd. Increased a capital to 30,000,000 yen.
1973Opened Hakata branch.
1975Opened Nagasaki branch.
1987Opened Tokyo head office.
1995“Choyo Maru” went into service
1996Tamihiro Imada assumed the presidency.
1996Purchased a supply boat, and converted it into a multipurpose vessel “Asean Maru”.
1996“Tobiume Maru” went into service.
1999Increased capital to 34,120,000 yen.
2000Changed company name to Dokai Marine Systems Ltd.
2000Cable layer “Koki Maru” went into service.
2001Koshin Maru”, newly built as a special work vessel in 1998 was converted into a cable layer, and went into service in 2001.
2010“Hibiki” went into service.
2012“Tubasa” went into service.
2015“Tsushima”, went into service.
2016“Asahi” went into service.
2017“Misaki” went into service.
2017Hisao Imada assumed the presidency.